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Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society Membership

Membership - New Application and Renewal

Anyone who supports the aims of the Society, and has an interest in Fluid Mechanics, can be a member. Members have indicated their wish to join the Society and will annually retain membership though the payment of designated dues.

The standard membership fee is AU$60 per year for full members and AU$30 per year for student members. These fees are usually collected every two years/AFMC cycle (AU$120/AU$60) together with registration for the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference. The lifetime membership fee is AU$1000.

You can also become an AFMS member, or renew your membership, outside of the AFMC by completing the online form. Note that new members need to be nominated by a current AFMS member.

For membership inquiries or to request the lifetime AFMS membership, please contact the AFMS administrative officer at

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