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Listen to our podcasts with our Australian and New Zealand based researchers describing the impact of their work and their path into fluid mechanics!

Small "squirts" of science – see our seminar series for the "flood"!

Episode Podcast
#3 Dr Jisheng Zhao (Monash University) Download Podcast
#2 Professor Emilie Sauret (Queensland University of Technology) Download Podcast
#1 Professor Mathieu Sellier (University of Canterbury) Download Podcast

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

Zoom Seminar – ID: 845 5047 1988 – PWD: 734090    Join Live Seminar    Go to YouTube Playlist

If you wish to present a seminar in this series, please contact Dr Kengo Deguchi ( or Dr Cat Vreugdenhil (

Seminar Schedule 2021

Date Seminar
Professor Colm-cille Caulfield (University of Cambridge)
Dr Robert Niven (University of New South Wales)
6pm (AEDT)
Dr Petrônio Nogueira (Monash University)
Interactions between Coherent Structures in Turbulent Jets
Download Flyer
Dr Makoto Hirota (Tohoku University)
Hamiltonian Stability Theory for Fluids and Plasmas
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Hessam Babaee (University of Pittsburgh)
On-The-Fly Reduced Order Modeling with Time Dependent Bases
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Nicole Jones (University of Western Australia)
Mean and Turbulent Characteristics of a Bottom Boundary Layer Forced by a Strong Surface Tide and Large Amplitude Internal Waves
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Xuesong Wu (Imperial College London)
Impact of Surface and Free-Stream Disturbances on Boundary-Layer Transition
Download Flyer
Professor Cristian Marchioli (University of Udine)
What Can Point-Particle Simulations Tell Us about Turbulent Dispersed Flows?
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Jisheng Zhao (Monash University)
Active Control of Flow-Induced Vibration of a Circular Cylinder
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Jane Bae (Caltech)
Tracking Streaks in the Buffer Layer of Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Emilie Sauret (Queensland University of Technology)
Developments and Capabilities of Lattice Boltzmann Method for Non-Ideal Fluid Flows and Mixtures
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Alexander J. Smits (Princeton University)
Measurements in Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Download Flyer           Watch on YouTube
Professor Tamer Zaki (Johns Hopkins University)
Seeing in the Dark
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Kenta Ishimoto (Kyoto University)
Geometrical Aspects of Biological Locomotion at Low Reynolds Number
Download Flyer
Dr Esteban Ferrer (ETSIAE-UPM Madrid)
Let’s Get High (Order)!
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Kilian Oberleithner (Technische Universität Berlin)
Instabilities and Coherent Structures in Swirling Flows and their Relevance for Thermoacoustics
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Lyazid Djenidi (The University of Newcastle)
Small-Scale Turbulence Phenomenon: Could Have We Got It Wrong?
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Christina Vanderwel (University of Southampton)
Simulating Urban Flows and Air Pollution in the Lab
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Daniel Rodríguez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
New Perspectives on Instability and Transition of Laminar Separation Bubbles
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Ali Mani (Stanford University)
A Computational “Rheometer” for Turbulent Flows
Download Flyer
Professor Mathieu Sellier (University of Canterbury)
Ubiquitous Free Surface Flows: From Kitchen to Volcanoes
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Björn Hof (IST Austria)
From Transition to Turbulence Control
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Dwight Barkley (University of Warwick)
Universality of the Subcritical Route to Turbulence
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Maziar Raissi (University of Colorado)
Hidden Physics Models
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Edward Hinton (University of Melbourne)
Gravity Currents in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Hua Xia (Australian National University)
Surface Wave Control of Bacterial Biofilms
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Shervin Bagheri (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Controlling and Modelling Transport Phenomena using Surface Engineering
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Melissa Kozul (University of Melbourne)
Aerodynamically Driven Rupture of a Liquid Film by Turbulent Shear Flow
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Professor Yury Kachanov (Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)
Swept-Wing Boundary Layer Transition
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Abhishek Pillai (Kyoto University)
Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Wall Impinging Spray Flames under CI Engine-Like Conditions
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Sylvain Laizet (Imperial College London)
High-Order Finite-Difference Schemes on a Cartesian Mesh: Application to Active Flow Control of Turbulent Flows
Download Flyer      Watch on YouTube
Dr Milad Samie (Queen's University)
Eddy Structures and Very-Large-Scale Motions in Turbulent Round Jets
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Seminar Schedule 2020

Student/ECR subcommittee - Conversations in Fluids

This seminar series gives to research students and early career researchers an opportunity to improve their communication skills, meet others in their field and promote future research collaborations. All presenters are students or ECRs. An audience consisting of mainly research Students and ECRs aims to provide a supportive and relaxed environment for presenters. However, anyone interested can come along and join the seminars.

Presentations are held online via Zoom every 4th Tuesday of the month between 4pm and 5pm (AEST).

Zoom Seminar – ID: 81045541630 – Password: 375531    Join Live Seminar    Go to YouTube Playlist

If you are interested in joining this seminar series, please fill in this form to receive details of the upcoming seminars.

Please contact the Student/ECR subcommittee ( to express your interest in giving a research talk.

Seminar Schedule 2021

Date Seminar
September 2021 Xueyu Ji (University of New South Wales - Canberra)
The Influences of Serrated Trailing-Edge on the Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Performance of a Flapping Wing During Hovering Flight
Watch on YouTube
August 2021 Ananth Wuppukondur (University of Queensland)
Tsunami propagation into coastal rivers
Watch on YouTube
July 2021 Qiuxiang Huang (University of New South Wales)
Applications of an immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method for the fluid-structure interactions in blood flow and insect flight
Watch on YouTube
June 2021 Zhongzheng Wang (Queensland University of Technology)
Fluid-fluid displacement in porous media: effects of the disorder, grain shape and wettability
Watch on YouTube
May 2021 Dr Shantanu Bhat (University of Adelaide)
Optimum aspect ratio for insect-like wings – a long debate
Watch on YouTube

Australian Society of Rheology Seminar Series

In the 2020-21 financial year, the Australian Society of Rheology is presenting a national series of online lectures, which is open to anyone interested in the flow and deformation of matter.

Please visit the the Australian Society of Rheology website for details.

Enquiries may be directed to Dr Ellie Hajizadeh (

Seminar Schedule 2021

Date Seminar
19/10/2021 Professor Marek Pawlik (University of British Colombia)
Flocculated Mineral Sedimentation (Tentative)
9:00-10:30am (Melbourne Time)
21/09/2021 Professor Marco Ellero (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics)
Modelling and simulation of complex suspensions
5:00-6:30pm (Melbourne Time)
23/08/2021 Professor Michael Solomon (University of Michigan)
Rheology of colloidal gels with embedded active matter
9:00-10:30am (Melbourne Time)
21/07/2021 Dr Roseanna Zia (Stanford)
Physics-based modeling of whole-cell function: colloidal fundamentals to life-essential processes
9:00-10:30am (Melbourne Time)
21/06/2021 Professor Hans C. Ottinger (ETH)
Learning from fluctuations in rheology
5:00-6:30pm (Melbourne Time)
18/05/2021 Professor Glenn Fredrickson (UCSB)
Field-Theoretic Simulations of Polymers: Bridging Scales and Inverse Design
9:00-10:30am (Melbourne Time)
20/04/2021 Professor Dimitris Vlassopoulos (FORTH and University of Crete)
Rheology modification of physical networks: topology and competing interactions
4:00-5:30pm (Melbourne Time)
16/03/2021 Dr Dmitry Fedosov (Forschungszentrum Juelich)
Blood rheology and its effect on the migration of micro- and nanoparticles in blood flow
6:00-7:30pm (Melbourne Time)
23/02/2021 Professor Timothy Lodge (University of Minnesota)
Equilibration and Dynamics in Block Copolymer Micelles
9:00-10:30am (Melbourne Time)

International Workshop on the Mathematics of Sea Ice and Ice Sheets 2021

The cryosphere is one of the critical components of the Earth climate system; it has been the subject of significant transformation in recent years in response to climate change. There are multiple mathematical challenges to modelling this system.

On 9-12 November 2021, The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) will be hosting an International Workshop on the Mathematics of Sea Ice and Ice Sheets. The workshop aims to bring together researchers who are experts in this field. The workshop will be held in the mixed-mode: some participants can participate in person, others online using Zoom. The details about the Workshop, invited speakers, program, accommodation, etc., will be available soon on the USQ website.

International Workshop on the Mathematics of Sea Ice and Ice Sheets 2021
image from

This workshop is supported by grants awarded by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society.

AFMS Summer School 2019

The first AFMS Summer School was held at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra, Australia, on 9-10 December 2019. The organisation of the Summer School was undertaken as a joint initiative of UNSW Canberra and the newly established ACT local Chapter of the AFMS.

There were 18 registered attendees, consisting of a mix of PhD students, research associates, academics and industry professionals, from a variety of institutions nationwide.

AFMS Summer School 2019

The Summer School included lectures, laboratory equipment demonstrations and computational tutorial classes, in the following sessions:

The Summer School also featured an invited guest lecture by Prof Chris Essex of the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, on “Slow Time”, which challenged some of our ideas on time averaging and time scales.

Lecture Slides

Robert Niven (UNSW Canberra)
Probabilistic Inference
Download Slides
Robert Niven (UNSW Canberra)
Meaning of Probability and Plausible Reasoning
Download Slides
Robert Niven (UNSW Canberra)
Bayesian Inference
Download Slides
Sean O’Byrne (UNSW Canberra)
Diode Lasers for Quantitative Flow Diagnostics
Download Slides
Fangbao Tian (UNSW Canberra)
Immersed boundary methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions and Their Applications
Download Slides
Fangbao Tian et al. (UNSW Canberra)
Some Applications of Fluid-Structure Interaction
Download Slides

Fixing the Pipeline: Addressing Gender Equity in Fluid Mechanics

The Women in Fluid Mechanics (WiFM) subcommittee hosted its inaugural event at the 21st AFMC. Prof. Ellen Longmire (University of Minnesota), Prof. Yvonne Stokes (University of Adelaide), Dr Danielle Moreau (UNSW) and Dr Maryam Abdolahpour (University of Western Australia), where brought together to form a panel discussing the topic “Fixing the Pipeline: Addressing gender equity in fluid mechanics”. The lunch time session was well attended by delegates, providing an opportunity for constructive conversations exploring the current landscape of gender equity within our community including; inhibitors to greater female engagement, barriers to success, attrition at the mid-career level and mechanisms to achieve gender parity within our scientific community.

For more detail of the WiFM subcommittee and its activities, please click here.


The WiFM event was a wonderful addition to the 21st AFMC program. Along with providing an opportunity to meet a number of women in the field, it was great to hear about the range of different experiences from the women’s panel. It was encouraging to see so many participants take part in the discussions, and it was very helpful to hear about the actions a number of universities are undertaking to help women in fluids at all levels.

Sarah Morris, PhD Candidate, Cornell University

I felt that this event was an important inclusion in the program for every member of our community of fluid mechanicians to engage with, it was a privilege to attend. The event provided a platform for improving the awareness of gender-based issues, including greater diversity on the AFMS Council. I would love to see the AFMS to continue to develop policy and deliver events, such as this one, that actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

Tom Cochrane BEng (Hons) MSc GradIEAust, Student Member, AFMS