The standard membership fee is (AUD) $60 per year for full members and $30 per year for student members. These fees are usually collected every two years/AFMC cycle ($120/$60) together with registration for the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference. You can also become an AFMS member outside AFMC by sending the membership application form to afms.admin [at] Note that you would need to be nominated by two current AFMS members.  

If you would like to become a lifetime member of AFMS, the procedure is the same i.e. you need two current AFMS members to nominate you and you would need to send the AFMS membership application form to afms.admin [at] The lifetime membership fee is (AUD) $1000.  

For AFMS membership renewal, please send email to afms.admin [at] with your full name and institutional details, with text "AFMS membership renewal" in the message title, and we will respond with more information.  

For any AFMS membership inquiries please contact AFMS admin at afms.admin [at]   


AFMS membership application form